The Summarised steps to get it  all done .Getting a Google voice Account and later  on to your mobile Phone.
All free                                                                                                                                                                                              Stanoi

 1. Get a Callcentric account first ., Which will assign you a NEW 10 Digit SIP number .
* You should also opt  get a free New York based Phone number (to  receive incoming calls free )
Although there are other methods like IPKALL to get a US phone number -
 I think Callcentric is a better option in this regard and it will be 1 stop method.
( see page 2 for screen shots)
 1 more reason you should consider getting a google voice number is that google voice can call  iNum 's  ( the international "country code free"  number ). iNum is assigned for free if you apply.
  iNum resembles an internaltional number starting with a +883  but is not any country specific ...
 -Read up more about it at .  itself.      or google iNum 
 - Callcentric issues iNum too and will link it to you callcentric account.  (both are absolutely free)
  - Outgoing calls to iNums are free too from google voice and callcentric .
From Google Voice , and callcentric it is a direct free call ...whereas  in some others , one might have to call with a  00 prefix .
example  883 510 008290 297
- More and more networks are supporting free outward calls for iNum
-Alternatively more countries and cities are adding or allowing  local access numbers so that iNum can be reached form any phone for the cost of a local call.
    - All it takes is a SIP client..  and if you do .
  • Think about it , you have a phone number that can receive calls anywhere in the oworld where access to internet exists either on a Mobile device be is smart phone (3G or better), Tablet (WiFi), or  laptop ( computer).
2. Down load and install a SIP Client , Yate ( in its 5 th Rev ) is highly recommended.
Download that  or any later version ( as may be avaailaible)
 Effectively a  soft phone for receiving ( incoming calls ) mostly, apart from many other  stuff as you learn as you progress with SIP protocols and VOIP. 
  You will need this for a variety of reasons.  Do it about now .
   ( if you are physically in the USA / Canada , you can skip everything on this page  entirely )
4. Download and install Hotspot Shield .( merely a temporary measure, again for those not in the USA )
 - This is a step only needed once when getting yourself a google voice number
 ( if you are physically in the USA / Canada , you can skip this step entirely ,too )

google voice number  can only be applied for / and  better managed  with the google chrome browser. 
5. Now Proceed to get your self a google voice number and and verify it, so as to lock it in.
 This is a 1 time "thingy" for each email account. so be careful to pick a number of your own choice.
6. Tweak google voice for the next steps

Once you have a google voice number , you will not need hotspot shield , if you  need it for any other  reasons, but definitely not for calls.
 Ought to be OK , if  you follow the above steps, and get done.


  • I may not include anything that is easily available  otherwise  especially those related to selecting / getting google voice number .
  • You can now receive your google voice calls on your mobile phone anywhere on earth so long as the 3G /unlimited data plan is reasonably good .

  • Sure it can be used over WiFi too. Battery drain is crazy on WiFi and not my liking.. 

  •  Riding it over 3 G and better is the most sensible. 
Set transport to TCP as opposed to UDP to be easy on the battery drain.