Well Installing google Vocie if you are outside USA / Canada has some (limited ) benefits .
  •  And Google is integrating more and more and you sure can enjoy it .

In that you can SMS any one back in the USA / ( including your friends and family with Google voice anywhere on this earth real time, all riding over Data (3G/4G/LTE  ) and will work as long as a steady 256Kbps is availaible both upstream/downstream - fullduplex .
And all that absolutely free to call your friends and family in the USA /Canada   at least right through 2012.
It may continue evn into 2013 ( yet to be announced)
Here are the some of the images that depict how the GV set up on the mobile goes and used
   Install Google Voice on your mobile from Google market ( google play )
 Yes , it is recommneded ( because you are not in the USA ) to set it as " Do not Use Google voice to make any calls"
 We have already covered how  to call using Groove IP ( on page 5 )  
And during installation , it will use the " forwarding number " used during the registration .
It will be the IPKALL assigned Telephone number .
And that is is reasonable change that google has made lately to accomodate us, those of  us are not within  USA .
And as you use will see the sms ( text ) and other reminder messages as you may have configured it to be sent.


What makes all this worth while is becaue, google voice users  can call any phone line in USA or Canada absolutely free , with google voice right through 2012 .
All other countries can be also called at rates lower than skype.
In comparison I dont think  Skype can call US phone lines  for free .
And at least for that reason Google Voice is good enough  and has been so for more than a year now.
when all this has been setup , you may get rid of the   fowarding number or it will naturally dissapear for non-usage .
All US free Phone  numbers regardless who issues them, are pulled back if they are not being used ... and recycled for newer users.
The  following information is non critical and just FYI

  In my case I was able to do that manually.  ( although ) there is no real reason to remove it .
I just had to figure out how to do that , in case I or any one else need to do just that. Particularly so because the prompt and all else seems to suggest you cant remove the last forwarding number .
I have more than 1 google voice acccount . Of Course each one linked to separate gmail acccounts .
 The trick to do this is to label the forwarding number as a Mobile number ( although it really is'nt ) and when another acccount reclaims it , it will be gone .
 Because any number defined as a mobile cannot be shared , it is either refused or allowed to be claimed on verification.
" The phones numbers" labelled as "work" or "home' can be shared with at least 2 accounts .
They can be claimed back after a month of nonuse