Yate on the computer is more versatile than I thought 
  • Yate set up with callcentic... ( assuming you already have registered and have your callcentric Account and SIP 10 digit  number .

  • So here let some screen shots tell how it is done .

  • Next ... click on the new tab as suggested in next edited screen shot

  • Go ahead fill in all the details



  •   Since October 2012  the Outbound 
  • Once you start using Yate  and callcentric .. do pay attention to the mails they send you for any changes in proxy /Sip server changes

     Registation interval can be set to about 600 ( ms ) to 1800
    It is the keep alive signal intervals .. keeping it too small may irritate some servers.

  • And when it is all done and ready .. you can test it by calling a free outgoing test SIP number and interacting  verbally with it .   ( this is the only free outhoing call you can make for free ) assuming you only have the free $ 0  plan.

And just like any other VOIP provider , you can call ..any callcentric user friends for free .

Callcentric ti callcentric  uses less bandwith , yet superb Voice quality
  •  The test  Sip number is 17771234567 ( this too may not be valid any more )

  •                                              They may have discontinued the 17771234567  test line



Other uses for Yate  , non sip ( these are just fyi and not related to google voice)

Whle setting up an account for GV


Pull down and select   gtalk

Protocol : Jabber is to be selected during configuring only.

  •  And if you will trust me YATE is perhaps the easiest and best SIP Client so far , yet truly free .
  • And also your account and in our case we have picked callcentric to provide the free SIP accounts . 
  • In the example you see "my own account" and so you will have to use own account number instead ( obviously so).
  • And also check the "save password " box after keying in all the details .. which icludes your own SIP number ( which is the user name) and your SIP "server" and "domain" information.
  •   And yes when alll is done you should see your account acknowledged as "Registered account SIP: 1777xxxxxxx@callcentric .com ( or depeding on the sip and sip server you have
The images below relate to alternative use of Yate in this case as GTALK client using the supported  protocol Jabber well supported with easy to pull down and click menu in Yate

 The number for the Terminator
 That should be as simple as
ABC or
1, 2 & 3