Proceed to get the google Voice number
 Be very thoughful getting the number as you have the choice to pick 1 number from among several area codes and it is going to be mostly a 1 time selection. Have your Yate started up at least just after selecting , and google  voice will make a call back to the divert number , you provided.
  • That divert ( redirect number) will be the Callcentric US ( NY) number you picked  /applied for ) which then will ring the Callcentric SIP and thus you will answer and respond with a 2 digit key in as flashed on screen .
  • Only when you so verify  .... will the google voice number be confirmed and assigned .
.. And once the google voice number is assigned , you no longer require the hotspot shield ( spoofing ).
After this you will have to familiarize yourself with google voice .
Google has published sufficient details.
Except where it says it is for those in the USA/Canada only .
Now you can already use google voice to dial any US and Canada Number for free  at least right through 2012 from your computer and gmail ( chrome preferred).

 google voice can only be applied with chrome.