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Any one can get a
GV Google voice
and use it , even if you are not in the US or Canada.                                                                                                                                                             
A Google voice number holder can call any US Phone number , Mobile as well  as Land Lines for FREE.                                                                    stanstanoi
 Only Now folks have understood the benefit of having a Google voice number not only in the US but every where else .
Hangout  has taught us all a few things .And opened up a whole lot of possibilities 
Net result there is a mad rush for Google voice numbers . both within and outside of the US. And now it is had to get the numbers . 
They have maxed out the numbers allocated for many states /counties .. 

And if you apply today .. you may at best get only a "Google Voice Lite"  that helps with some of the features ... and later upgrade to get the "full features "google Voice #"

First let, Google explain what GOOGLE VOICE  ( GV in short  )  , really is .......with a few video's  
Google is not going to tell you how you can use google voice number outside of US ( although i am sure they really would have like to tell you all of it ) ..   So for that part .. you will have to  turn on your thinking skills or simply stated "put on your thinking caps" 

Those in the USA just need to get a number each  and link to their GMAIL and manage it after they see these Video's- simple as that  - No more counting / paying by the minutes) .  Any one outside of USA / Canada will need the help defined here  ... below in this page 

The You tube Video below will  be visible in Chome  , however all other browsers may need the appropriate Flash or other plugins
Start with this Video Titled " 1 Number"  One Number  

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

 And then how communication evolved - Presented by Google Voice

YouTube Video

YES , call with gmail ( gtalk ) is old too now , call with hangout too  .. that's another option in gmail on the Computer
 - And with GV  Send SMS to Mobiles and other GV numbers. That;s all integrated to hangout 
- And calling Texting to any other country is possible too with calling credit , rates that are lower than Skype or most  other / no connection charges
Unlike Skype that can only call other skype users    or   Viber  users calling only other Viber users for free
And yes Google voice users too can call other Google voice users for free  as well over hangout 
Yes Google voice / Hangout user in Singapore calling a Google Voice / Hangout user in UK  absolutely free . ( be it on the PC or Mobile phone over 3G/4G/WiFi)
The information here is very Valid and all details have been  verified as on November  2014
     ( All that is needed to get it done is spread over 8 pages here ) You can run through it . 
Important information: Google is disconnecting  gtalk/google voice from XMPP/Jabber protocols  as communicated and that means 3rd party applications like GrooveIp may not be able to call Google voice numbers in the future. 
 This is based on Google's own announcement and Hangout uses proprietary protocols and no information will be easily available to 3rd parties to get into google voice hangout communications. 

WEBRTC  is the way it is going .. than again proprietary . At all cost keep out 3rd parties., that's the plan. 

To some extent it is good thing and at best defined to make it look like it is for the "privacy" of voice communications
For a company like google that believes so much in open source and creativity, lets assume , this deviation to stay proprietary for the good of the customers privacy as rightfully claimed.
Google Voice to USA / Canada absolutely free ... even right through 2014 ( for Google Voice Users) from anywhere .
 Google Voice users can directly call from the Gmail interface       or through  the google voice interface     -- or  with an Androip App  ( GrooveIP ) which rides on 3 G / 4G / WiFi
referred to as calling ( without using minutes ) or $  ...... meaning for free ( US /CANADA )    all else at superb low cost  like 2 cents / min to  India
  • Worthwhile if you have a unlimited data plan , and or need to make  make a few calls  to the USA / Canada /month .
   Even if you dont call USA / Canada , you can call iNum numbers for free with google voice.
  • And with some credits , it turns out to be one of the best quality calls beter than skype or any other , all without any additonal connection charges.
  • Check And compare rates
    The Reason I have bought some credit is because I need to call phones - other than those in USA / Canada.
    US /canada Calls do not use up credits
    • And it also makes it possible to call / text friends and family of google voice users who may be any where in the world any time.( connects well over 3G and WiFi)
    •   There are some steps involved in setting it up., and anyone who can follow these steps and willing to invest a total of 1 hour (cumulative)  can get it done.
    •   And it is sure getting easier as more developers are getting on it .
        Why is not available in anywhere else  (  other than USA /CANADA ) officially, ...
    •  It is because of the Telcos ( in these countries) like Singtel , Starhub, M1 ( in Singapore )  Maxis , TM in Malaysia are greedy.
       - And the goverment and vested interest.
    • These TELCo's dont want to be just " infrastucture providers".  Digi Malaysia may be a bit more tolerant and forward looking .
    • Many of them DONT want  to let go of the FAT easy income , that comes with the population / mobile phone penetration . 
    •  They can but fool folks but for a while more  .
    • They even want to capitalise on the unintented data charges when roaming .
    •  It is the Telcos with vested interest in these countries that asks google not to expand so fast .
    • Becaue they want to milk some good money off its people for a while longer , or as long as they can ..
    • Or as long as you will allow them to.
    With google Voice-          
    All calls to USA / Canada over Google Voice ( absolutely free right through 2012) regardless which country it originates ( over IP or WiFi) *.
    Setting it up for Use in singapore (or simply stated any place other than  USA / Canada ) needs some good understanding and a few tricks.
    These Trick are only needed  once.- to register / when attempting to get a Google Voice number   .
    Once you have registered and  got yourself the google voice number , you dont need any of the extra utilities and methods to continue to use google voice  from anywhere.
    Those in the USA/Canada  dont these instuction.- They follow the standard instuctions as suggested by Google Voice Setup.
    Those in the USA don't need any of these tricks
    (They dont need  no IPKALL / no Hotspot shield or  Call callcentric  )
    1. Any one else outside need these tricks to spoof the IP's so as to be able to fake a US, IP .( I repeat this trick needed only Once )
    2. Register a google voice number.
    After which it is easy as turning on the app and calling from a regular mobile phone ir from your Gmail or Gmail+hangout
     ( all other intemediate steps and applications, such as HOTSPOT shield , callcentric used to "register/ validate hte Google Voice number" can be removed at will )
    •  And  for Specifics would recommend going in this folowing order or sequence ...
    • Callcentric  to get a SIP account ( since  August 2012 - callcentric also gives out NEW York Based free Telephone numbers )
    • I might recommend this as it also saves you a few extra steps - because Call centric ties the Real Phone number to the SIP number . And using their preference setting you can also Choose to display the Phone number as your ID )
    • Yate or Express Talk   (both free and reasobly good Soft Phones )
        Hotspot Shield application needed .. ( just before registering for a google voice number)
    -This will spoof a US based IP and that's the only way to get a google voice number if you are'nt in the US/ Canada ...
    - A pre-requisite is that you should have a gmail account though -
    -And would be nice to learn about google voice itself - although you may not yet realize the full benefits as yet.
    • And then get a Google voice account.
    And after that  , so long as you have reasonbly good 3G/ 4G (LTE) and/or WiFi and better still a good unlimited data plan )
     - Then Groove IP is the application needed to  make calls without using minutes ( on Android Phones)
    Iphone users may need an IPhone app called talkatone or  to do  GV


    And for those who will learn how to combine and manage imcoming call Virtually via virtual PBXES , I will recommend the one from  ( start free and stay free as long as you want and if you think you need full features - better off then with the small fees later )
    TALK is really FREE these days if you know how to.  Mind you it is those who pay that makes this interesting.
    And all of the above will involve knowing  a little bit more on each of the terms listed on the right  >>  

    Now click Get started  and go  through the steps.
      Starting with Sip based Telephony , ie Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip).
    The information below only for those NOT in the USA
    CallCentric ,Yate , Hotspot Shield , google voice, 
    Thise not in the USA will need a  New York  based number - for the purpose of call back validation.
    A SIP client and a bit of learning or familiarity ( is required ) to use the callcentric SIP account., which then promply handles and divert  the incoming call to your Computer.
    There are ways now to install google voice on mobile Phones , even if you are not in the US .
    For all else say with the Japanese application called LINE
    In my opinion this is better that Whatsapp/Viber/ combined